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Helixtap Technologies

The pioneers of groundbreaking, AI-driven price and market intelligence for the rubber industry.

Democratising Data Daily

The data revolution starts with Helixtap Technologies

The rubber industry now has unprecedented access to unbiased data for fair, transparent pricing. Fully independent since its inception, Helixtap Technologies takes no positions in the rubber market and has zero influence on pricing. Through revolutionary machine learning, Helixtap Technologies processes big data to produce predictions for forecasting and hedging.

Seeing is Believing

Helixtap Technologies collects, assesses and processes a wide range of data from ~50 sources on a daily basis, culminating in over >20,000 data points spanning over >7 years. With this expansive database, Helixtap Technologies creates the world’s only independent physical rubber price index for more accurate pricing that is representative of the rubber market.

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