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Helixtap Technologies launches NR Inventory for natural and synthetic rubber grades in India and China

    October 10 2023, Singapore, Helixtap Technologies, the independent AI-driven price and market intelligence for the rubber industry, today announces the launch of its NR Inventory for multiple TSR and SR grades in India and China to provide users with comprehensive data on domestic demand and supply. 

    Daily and weekly inventories of TSR are indexed for a selection of key cities in China, which is the largest importer of natural rubber at USD 3.858 bil in 2021. Monthly inventories of multiple grades of SR and SR are monitored through a range of sources in India, such as customs data. India imports a sizeable amount of natural rubber, mostly from Indonesia and the Ivory Coast, and is a large manufacturer of automotive tyres; 2021 imports were estimated at USD 973 mil and tyre production at 160.07 mil units.

    Inventory data is critical for the different actors on the natural rubber supply chain seeking primary data-driven support for rubber prices and demand, such as traders negotiating LTCs and procurement managers in their planning. While China affects the international market through its rapid consumption, India has been increasing natural rubber tapping in Southern states, which is also monitored and reported by Helixtap. Hence, inventory data indicating depletion in these two countries signals a need for replenishment, which is a salient consideration in pricing for traders and processors. This inventory data complements other tools in the Helixtap suite, such as physical rubber price assessment indices and trade flow. 

    “My day starts and ends with Helixtap – a quick overview of the market and a price check before confirming my deal terms,” says a prominent Thai rubber producer. 

    Farah Miller, CEO of Helixtap Technologies elaborates, “As we continue to add more types of primary data to our unprecedented, independent data suite, our users have likewise increased the efficacy of their business decisions. Helixtap is proud to provide unbiased and robust solutions to the rubber industry’s growing demands for fairness and transparency.” 

    About Helixtap Technologies

    Helixtap Technologies are pioneers of groundbreaking, AI-driven price and market intelligence for the rubber industry. As the sole provider of independent physical price assessments for different grades and origins of natural rubber that reflect the market’s dynamics, Helixtap’s growing, comprehensive data suite lessens the significant price expectation gaps caused by reliance on futures prices. Helixtap’s novel, robust product suite that utilises multitudes of rubber-specific factors to provide accurate and unbiased price benchmarking and forecasting tools for futures and physical prices, and thus, reduce the market’s opacity. 

    Helixtap Technologies GRIP – Assessments

    Helixtap Technologies publishes a proprietary physical rubber price index (GRIP), price forecasting, and in-house market research daily. Fully independent since its inception, Helixtap Technologies takes no positions in the rubber market and has zero influence on pricing.


    SIR20 FOB BEL/SBY basis
    STR20 FOB BKK/LCB basis 
    AFR10 CIF Hamburg/Rotterdam basis
    Implied AFR10 FOB Abidjan 
    ESG AFR10
    ESG SIR20
    Indonesian Farmgate prices


    SMR20 FOB PNG/Klang basis 
    SVR10 FOB HCM basis
    Bulk Latex FOB BKK basis
    Indonesian raw material
    Thai raw material
    TSR20 Mixture CIF China Main Ports