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Helixtap Technologies launches new feature overviewing daily rubber market sentiment to provide users with a ‘finger on the pulse’ to fortify timely, nuanced trading decisions.

    Singapore, 30 May 2024, Helixtap Technologies, the pioneers of groundbreaking, AI-driven price and market intelligence for the rubber industry, today announces a new feature ‘Sentiment Index’. The feature was created to address the perennial demand for an immediate overview of the rubber market’s disposition: bearish/neutral/bullish. 

    The Sentiment Index is a numerical value calculated using a scale of -2 to +2, with -/+ 3 being attributed to black swan events. The Sentiment Index is a direct result of the Helixtap team’s comprehensive grasp on the rubber market’s temperament through a wide range of confidential, primary data sources. Helixtap users are thus further empowered with the exclusive data needed to swiftly identify trends and execute intricate trading decisions. Helixtap’s Sentiment Index is available for price assessments for rubber grades of AFR10, SIR20, and STR20 – cup lump, daily and weekly FOB, and latex. 

    Farah Miller, CEO & Co-Founder of Helixtap Technologies, “We’re excited to launch this new feature to offer rubber participants an efficient way to immediately tap into the market’s current climate and trends to make more effective trading decisions.”