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Carbon neutrality is the ultimate goal of any sustainable company, organisation, or initiative but it ultimately boils down to supply chains. Carbon neutrality is achieved when net zero carbon-dioxide emissions are produced, either through elimination or offsetting to a balance of zero.

Climate change is now an undeniable concern – everyone has their own part in creating a brighter, more hopeful future for tomorrow.

To encourage support for sustainability initiatives, governments offer attractive tax deductions to companies that support ESG initiatives.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is the process of balancing the carbon emissions created by your company’s supply chain and logistics. It is done through investment in sustainability initiatives, such as projects in conservation, education, protection of local communities, reforestation, and so on.

Reducing your carbon emissions is a lengthy process, but offsetting them is an immediate step you can take today to pave your way for future reductions and a more sustainable future. 

Protect our Future.

Comprehensively optimise your value/supply chain on Helixtap by streamlining all your processes through end-to-end digitisation. An efficient value/supply chain automatically decreases your carbon footprint so you have less to offset. 

The team at Helixtap Technologies will handle all the tedious paperwork, from calculating your carbon footprint to logging and tracking your offsetting credits.

Helixtap Technologies is built on independence, and thus, transparency and accountability. Customised, in-depth reports of projects invested in will be published regularly to ensure your tax paperwork is always in order.

Technology to Design Your Sustainability Journey

As ESG data is largely self-disclosed, an organised and compliance-logged paper trail is crucial.

Helixtap Technologies’ robust ecosystem allows you to meet these criteria as you offset your carbon emissions.

Freedom to Choose

Comprehensive profiles of factories are available on the Helixtap Ecosystem. Values, cost, location – you decide what matters to you.

Reduce Costs

Helixtap is a transparent platform where users are traceable. Choose factories and transportation routes that are most fuel effective to reduce your carbon emissions.