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Announcement – Helixtap Technologies launches Price Signals for African, Indonesian, and Thai rubber grades

    March 23 2023, Singapore, Helixtap Technologies, the independent AI-driven price and market intelligence provider for the rubber industry, today announces the launch of its Price Signals product suite.. 

    Helixtap’s Price Signals product suite empowers users with comprehensive data to maximise efficiency, providing: 

    • Regional spreads for procurement planning
    • Price trends (near to mid-term), including futures vs physical differentials, for LTC pricing
    • Trend analyses, including financial macro indicators (e.g.: China’s PMI) for traders to gauge price volatility
    • Currency comparisons to navigate inflationary climate and aftereffects, such as the US Federal Reserve’s reactionary increase of interest rates [x]  

    Farah Miller, CEO of Helixtap Technologies explains, “The combination of post-covid policies, increasing inflation, and a looming recession has created an insatiable demand for more complex data in the commodities sector. Our team’s expertise in the rubber industry has allowed us to create novel products to meet these new demands.”

    The product uses Helixtap’s Global Rubber Index Prices (GRIP) for Standard African Rubber (AFR10), Standard Indonesian Rubber 20 (SIR20), and Standard Thai Rubber 20 (STR20) to calculate moving averages, differentials, margins, spreads, forward curves, futures, and currency comparisons

    GRIP is Helixtap Technologies’ proprietary multivariate index; one of the assessed variables is transacted physical rubber deals across Asia Pacific and the Atlantic. Anomalous data is filtered out to ensure GRIP reflects accurate, transactable prices. 

    With daily accurate price assessments through GRIP, all rubber market participants across the value chain benefit significantly from using a fairer, more transparent price index in contracts to reflect the rubber market’s dynamics. Helixtap Technologies also publishes a weekly price index for latex and raw materials (Indonesia and Thailand). 

    About Helixtap Technologies

    Helixtap Technologies are pioneers of groundbreaking, AI-driven price and market intelligence for the rubber industry. Helixtap Technologies publishes a proprietary physical rubber price index (GRIP), price forecasting, and in-house market research daily. Fully independent since its inception, Helixtap Technologies takes no positions in the rubber market and has zero influence on pricing.