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Announcement – Helixtap launches new trade flow product

    Helixtap Technologies launches new product for customers to track import and export trends of multiple rubber grades with data aggregated over the last two decades

    Singapore, 3 October 2022, Helixtap Technologies, the pioneers of groundbreaking, AI-driven price and market intelligence for the rubber industry, today announces a new product ‘Trade Flow’. The product was created to address the growing demand for more robust data so rubber market participants, and greater commodities actors, can better understand seasonal pricing trends. 

    This new data product will allow rubber market participants more accuracy in analysis and strategic management. One of four source countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, can be selected to view trade with partner countries for latex, Rubber Smoked Sheets (RSS), TSNR, and raw materials (gum and other forms).

    Rubber and commodities prices have been volatile in 2022 with the Russia-Ukraine conflict impacting crude oil prices and exacerbating pre-existing COVID-19 aftereffects, such as supply chain disruptions. Effects have spanned from producers and tyre manufacturers to financial institutions and the automotive industry. 

    The Helixtap Trade Flow product exemplifies the rubber industry’s growing demand for innovative ways of collecting and processing rich data to illustrate market trends, empowering participants to make data-driven plans and decisions for their businesses. 

    “I look forward to exploring this new product. Checking Helixtap every morning is part of my daily routine,” said an account director at a large rubber processor in Thailand.

    Farah Miller, CEO of Helixtap Technologies, adds: “Helixtap Technologies harnesses the power of data by processing it in manners that are useful and easy to consume, allowing our customers to make quick and effective decisions.”