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Helixtap Technologies Announces information-sharing initiative with the Osaka Exchange to deliver data and research on global rubber markets

    Increasing market transparency and democratizing data for all market participants

    SINGAPORE, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Helixtap Technologies, the pioneers of groundbreaking, AI-driven price and market intelligence for the rubber industry, today announces the first collaboration for sharing insightful data and news with the global rubber markets with the OSE, Osaka Exchange, Inc., home of two types of natural rubber contracts – RSS3 (launched in 1952, and TSR20, launched in 2018.

    The collaboration aims to address the growing demand for transparency, improve market access, and allow market participants to understand the drivers of the physical market to better facilitate their trading strategies.

    Helixtap will publish a selection of its market insights, written by an in-house team of commodities experts, on the platform Market News and Insights, newly launched as a website for global investors by the Japan Exchange Group, a holding company of the OSE. Conversely, the OSE will post a weekly rubber report on the Helixtap platform, which can be accessed by creating a free account. This mutual exchange of valuable information to gauge fair prices will allow more rubber market participants to more accurately price their products by considering factors such as demand, supply, and climate change impact.

    Farah Miller, CEO of Helixtap Technologies, adds: “Helixtap is democratising data, offering physical rubber prices and market data to everyone in the industry. We are proud to collaborate with OSE, a renowned exchange that understands the value in addressing the market’s changing needs.”

    “We are excited to empower the global rubber markets through this collaboration with Helixtap Technologies. The independence of Helixtap from the rubber and commodities markets makes their market insights especially valuable and useful in increasing transparency for the rubber industry.” Kensuke Yazu, General Manager of the OSE.

    About the Osaka Exchange (OSE)

    The OSE is Japan’s derivatives and commodities-focused exchange under the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) and manages two types of rubber futures contracts: RSS3 and TSR20. The JPX is based in Japan and is one of the leading global exchange groups in the world, owning Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE), Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE), and Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. (TOCOM).

    About Helixtap Technologies

    Helixtap offers a customisable suite of products, from physical rubber price assessments and market research to hedging tools and price forecasting.