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Helixtap Technologies Joins SICCRA


    1 October 2020

    The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce Rubber Association (SICCRA) is excited to announce its newest member, Helixtap Technologies Private Limited, offering an innovative digital platform for the entire rubber ecosystem.

    Helixtap Technologies joined SICCRA on the 1st of October 2020.

    The SICCRA members extend their warmest welcome to Helixtap Technologies and are looking forward to working with the company as it looks to digitise processes, uncover more opportunities in the marketplace and enable positive change.

    CEO Farah Miller from Helixtap Technologies comments: “We are delighted to join SICCRA. This highly regarded association has driven many substantive changes for the benefit of the rubber industry as well as other market participants since its inception and we are keen to play our role in the industry’s digital transformation, driving better outcomes and transparency for all.”

    About Helixtap Technologies
    Helixtap Technologies provides a leading, independent, digital platform for the rubber industry. Helixtap is trusted to deliver actionable insight, drive value and create opportunities for the entire supply chain, across pre trade, trade and post trade environments.

    Helixtap also raises the profile and offers initiatives to support smaller firms, providing smart logistics and supporting services such as automated contracts, financing, marketing, and talent training to assist micro, small and medium businesses in the rubber value chain to reach international markets.

    As an independent market participant, Helixtap provides unbiased and unparalleled insights developed from daily interactions within its digital community and beyond. 

    About SICCRA
    The interests of Chamber members involved in the rubber trade are looked after by the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce Rubber Association (SICCRA), an independent organisation comprising of ordinary and associate members. Ordinary membership of the association is open only to Chamber members, one of whom is nominated each year to sit on the Chamber’s Board of Directors. SICCRA members play a consultative role in the activities of the Singapore Commodity Exchange Ltd, and also provide advice to government institutions like ESG to strengthen Singapore’s role as a derivatives centre for commodities.