Frequently Asked Questions

We are an independent price and intelligence provider specialising in the rubber industry. We offer a suite of data products, including the world’s only independent physical rubber price index. We also generate in-house news, research and AI-driven price forecasting.

Our independence from the rubber market ensures that we have no influence over physical rubber prices. Our data collection and price processing methodology are objective and unbiased to create a fair, accurate and transparent physical price index for the entire rubber value chain.

We collect data from multiple auditable sources, including our proprietary database of transacted trades in the rubber industry that dates back to 2014.

Helixtap Technologies’ research suggests that futures prices do not accurately reflect physical prices. A physical price index that reflects the rubber market’s dynamics is essential for price accuracy and discovery.

Helixtap Technologies empowers you with a treasure trove of relevant real-time data that has been analysed and processed for your different business needs.

Please get in touch with our team for this information.

The word ‘helixtap’ refers to the rubber tapping process where a helical shape is carved into the rubber trees to extract latex.