A leading, independent, digital platform for the rubber industry, is trusted to deliver actionable insight, drive value and create opportunities for the entire supply chain.


helixtap provides unbiased and unparalleled insights deform daily interactions within its digital community and beyond


Member of SICCRA, an independent organisation comprising of ordinary and associate members, who play a consultative role in the activities of the Singapore Commodity Exchange Ltd

Supply Chain Opportunities

Helixtap’s platform allows clients to digitise operations and sell products, automate their customer on-boarding, and expand into markets without physically opening an office in location.


Our founders have 70+ years of combined experience in the rubber sector and greater commodities industry and created Helixtap to provide a safe, simple and transparent platform that empowers its users with access to rich contextual data.

Our team’s expertise spans across consulting, finance and investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, government relations, strategic planning; fostering a collaborative ethos that creates unbiased and unparalleled insights.

With experience in a diverse range of reputable firms, such as Noble Group, Enterprise Singapore, KPMG, Mubadala Petroleum, Standard Chartered; our team is focused on connecting every company on the rubber supply chain.

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